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Welcome to Your 100-Year Life

We believe that practical, simple, factual and ready-to-use information – all in one place – makes life simpler and easier, so you can save money and spend more time doing what you love. Knowing what your options are is even more important when you’re making critical decisions at life’s turning points.

Your 100-Year Life goes further. We not only assemble the essential information you need but also help you through the process with unique and simple-to-use toolkits.

About Us

Your 100-Year Life team is passionate about helping you live your best life. We are aware that it’s usually hard to find a lot of the basic information and guidance you need to make very important life decisions – especially life-altering decisions in later life. We have ourselves seen that the information and assistance we need is scattered, far from impartial, and impossible to retrieve when you need it.

Our team has both the life experience and qualifications to understand and guide you through the opportunities and challenges of a 100-year life. We’ve studied it and we’ve lived it. And we believe our community desperately needs and deserves a one-stop ’shop’ for living the best life. We value your input and your feedback. Participate in our surveys and contests, subscribe, and tell us what you think and want.