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What is Your 100-Year Life? And who are we? Your 100-Year Life if a social enterprise - a company established to do good, the social purpose of helping Australians look after ageing parents in an increasingly complex and inter-generational world.

Our solution? We have harnessed the latest technology to help you manage the complex and dynamic needs of aging parents, school age children, and other loved ones. We have combined in one place curated, vital information; easy to use toolkit-kits; and a “home page” that’s securely yours alone. You can customise it and adjust it to meet your own family’s specific needs. What’s more, we have searched the world for really useful products and services that you will be able to get from our Marketplace.

We, its founders, are professionals who have spent decades understanding the challenges that individuals face in an ageing society. A society that, for the first time in history, has many families caring for 4 generations on any given day. And although families are very interdependent financially and socially, adult children and ageing parents often live at a great distance, making it caring hard.

We are independent. We are not beholden to any company, government or charity. We do not keep or sell your personal information. We are here strictly to take some of the effort, hassle and worry out of caring in an ageing world.

With the information you need and a simple plan of action, our toolkit will help you care for that special person the way they deserve, without taking over your life.

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